Enjoyed as a local cuisine in most, if not all, parts of the world; protein-rich, nutrient-dense, and scrumptious are a few ways to refer to the popular shellfish that is shrimp/prawns.

At PSI Inc., we aim to supply only the best shrimp/prawns to consumers; quality is our guarantee and we provide the safest seafood of superior quality.


Our core business hinges on the production of shrimp. With a fleet of forty one (41) Shrimp Trawlers, along with continuous and prudent management, we strive to be efficient in our activities from harvesting to processing the shrimp under hygienic conditions.

We strongly believe in a mutual trust towards technology and the improvement of our processing Plants. Processing involves the use of automated scales and we are in the process of improving our grading systems.

Our processing Plant is governed by HACCP, with biannual audits conducted by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the United States Department of Commerce (USDC) to ensure that PSI Inc. is in compliance with all regulatory requirements and meets the world’s highest standards in food safety.

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